Drummoyne Pre-school Kindergarten Inc 2-4 Bayswater Street, Drummoyne NSW Phone 02 9181 3985 Fax 02 9719 9924

Introduction to Drummoyne Pre-school

Drummoyne Pre-school was built in 1977. Canada Bay Council (formerly Drummoyne Council) along with interested families in the community, applied for a grant from the Federal Government to build a pre-school on council land. Drummoyne Preschool has run continuously from this time as a pre-school. Drummoyne Pre-school is a non-profit organisation. We receive a subsidy from the Department Of Community Services based on the number of children enrolled each day at the school. This subsidy, together with Pre-school fees covers the Staff’s wages and expenditure. An elected parent committee is responsible for the financial planning and fundraising activities.

Drummoyne Pre-school is staffed by a team of trained, skilled and experienced educators. Each group of twenty children has an Early Childhood university trained teacher and a diploma trained Early Childhood teacher. In addition, we have an additional needs worker who works with individuals and small groups of children to develop specific skills. We also have highly experienced support staff who help with the implementation of the pre-school’s program.

Drummoyne Pre-school has an Early Childhood Trained Art Teacher who attends one day for each group of children. Along with our helpful and friendly secretary, the entire staff at Drummoyne Pre-school endeavor to bring high quality educational experience for your child.

Each day children are encouraged to become actively involved in a range of planned and spontaneous activities and experiences, which form the basis of the educational program, according to the child’s age and stage of development.

Starting Pre-school

Welcome to Drummoyne Pre-School. We hope both you and your child have a happy and beneficial stay with us. Your contact with us is of the utmost importance, so please share any information and ask any questions. During your child’s stay with us, we can work together to help your child learn:

1. To be secure and happy emotionally;

2. To feel confident and independent;

3. To use their body skillfully;

4. To communicate with other children and adults;

5. To become motivated and enthusiastic;

6. To overcome fears and welcome new experiences;

7. To develop positive relationships with their peers and adults within the centre;

Going to preschool is often the first step a child takes to join a group outside their family. Up to this time their world has been their home, and however much they may be looking forward to attending pre-school, they have to face a new experience. Some children take longer than others to settle into a new environment.